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High schools across the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania will be judged by their students' performance on the Algebra I Keystone Exam. The mystic surrounding how the exam will be scored combined with the increased performance requirements under the state's improvement plan for schools may leave your school vulnerable, until now. The first complete Algebra I Keystone Exam Preparation Program is now available to all schools. Developed by a high school teacher with over ten years of experience preparing students for the PSSA Exams, the program is designed to build vocabulary, increase academic rigor, and review every anchor on the exam.

This versatile program includes 26 anchor lessons, lesson pre/post questions, Promethean flipcharts for each lesson, two open-ended questions for each lesson, student dictionary of terms, test-taking strategy lessons, and pre/post test exams for each module.

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Written by a Pennsylvania educator for other educators, the Algebra I Keystone Exam Program is designed to flexibly fit into your current curriculum with miminal work to begin implementation. The program can be used as a stand alone course, within your algebra curriculum, or as a remediation tool for indiviuals who were not successful on previous attempts on the exams.

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